The initial launch of Kraft Queen will consist of Holiday Decor, starting with Halloween and Thanksgiving. It's our plan to bring you a complete Holiday Collection ( i.e Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years) well before the close of 2015.

Our 2016 launch will continue our Holiday Decor Collection (Valentines, St. Patricks Day, & Fourth of July) as well as introduce our Custom Creations. A later-post blog will include an inside look into some of our previous Custom Creations carefully created (as mostly baby shower gifts) to my friends and family. We will also be launching Collections such as Hand-Painted Mugs, Creative String Art, Wine Bottle & Cork Art, Shadow Box Displays and many more. One in particular that were most excited about: Baby's First... This adorable collection will include all things baby! Baby's first christmas ornaments, baby's first initial art, handmade custom mobiles, nursery decor, milestone announcers, personalized keepsakes and any and all custom baby pieces. 

We will also be introducing special contact packages. This will entail our most custom, personalized offers such as bridesmaid packages, baby shower decoration packages, birthday decoration packages, and even wedding decoration packages at a fair price. 


Please keep in mind this is a long process and as of now I am only one person, however, if you wish to make an inquiry or request about any custom order, and or package, please don't hesitate to at least shoot me an email ask questions! Emails are always welcome! :)

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