Naturally I love wine. After saving bottles for quite some time I realized I was either an alcoholic or a borderline recycled wine bottle hoarder (...awkward). All jokes aside Wine Bottle Decor is a new and upcoming trend. Not only do people love to recycle they love to UP-cycle. Taking old pieces, some may call trash and turning them into beautiful treasures. Fortunately for me I love both, so after saving some cool shaped bottles from work (I'm also a waitress) I decided to make 'haunted mantle decorations' in sets of three differently shaped bottles. These "Bottles of Boo's" are carefully thought out, hand painted wine bottles perfect for a classy touch of halloween to add to your mantle or bar.  

Prepping the Ghost bottles in matte white to have faces painted on and finished with a glaze matte clear coat over to protect the bottle 

    • Sketched a skull & crossbone stencil
    • Traced it to have one for each bottle
    • Cut them out with an exacto knife
    • attached them to bottle with rubber cement 
    • spray painted matte black over metallic gold skull - POISON

Here you can see the ghost bottles being drying after their clear coat as well as the skull bottles in the corner with a gold are to put the stencils on. Also in the picture, corks for each of the bottles are color coated based on the accent color of the bottles themselves, as well as a few other projects I was currently working on.

VOILA! My finished product! Set of 3 Halloween Haunted Mantle Decor: spider-web - potion, ghost - booze, skull & crossbones - poison.

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