Trick or Treat

I hate spiders! They freak me out they're too fast, too hairy, too creepy looking. They spin webs n hang upside down for heavens sake! But for some reason, this year especially, I was drawn to Spiders and their Webs when it came to brainstorming ideas for our Halloween Collection. The Spider-web design offers an new, spooky effect as well as a classic halloween look. I must say Skulls and Spider-webs were my top runner as far as favorites for this Halloween Collection. 

After making the Boo's bottles with both a skull, a spider and a ghost, I decided I wanted to make a Halloween Shadow Box. I knew I wanted to put candy corn in it as the "treat" part, but the "trick" offered many options. I decided to make a spider-web in the corner out of yarn and originally planned to draw a spider hanging over his web on the glass, but in the process I came up with the idea of hanging a spider sticker from a string of yarn in the box! This way it will move when the box moves and gives a better 3D effect. After hand painted the words on the glass I added some foam bats to the background and glued another spider to the glass for added dimension. This Trick or Treat Shadow Box is now one of my favorite Halloween decorations!

Fun fonts are my favorite! Even in high school I'd always find myself doodling or making signs and covers in cool unique fonts! For this project especially I knew the fonts had to be complete opposite, after all Trick or Treat is either scary or sweet! 

TADA! Our finished product next to our adorable Mummy Mason Jar Votives!

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