Superhero Masks

After Kraft Queen decided to host a booth on Essex street in the Salem Derby Market, I realized I should make use of these facemarks I ordered online and make some superhero masks for those little boys who couldn't find or forgot their unique superhero mask to complete their costume! 
I took these masks and cut the nose out, because lets face it no one, especially a child wants to walk around with a mask on that covers their nose and makes it difficult for them to breathe. I figured if I could get the point across with just an eye mask as to what superhero they are then I completed my challenge!
I cut out felt in colors that match most popular superheroes! Yellow for Ironman, Black for Batman, Red for Spiderman, and Blue for Captain America. I decided to leave some extra space to cover their forehead to give myself some extra room for design. 
Nailed it! These superhero masks were a big hit and big seller! My favorite was the spiderman (must have something to do with my new found obsession with spiderwebs) but I found that Batman is probably the most popular AND universal costume among adults and children of both genders! After all what girl doesn't want to be Bat Woman! 

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