Salem Fair!

So we booked 2 reservations to have a booth in Historical Salems' Derby Square for the October Halloween Fair! The first Sunday, the 18th we were on Essex street, and the following Sunday the 25th we were on Derby street.

Of course we couldn't have a craft booth without a name of the business right?! With ALL the things I had been making for months when it came time to figure out the banner, my mind drew all blanks. Friends were sending me links to businesses with "custom business signs" and name signs, uhm HELLO thats my business. I make custom things, anything, so why on earth would I pay for someone to create a name sign for my custom craft business? I wouldn't.

I found a burlap banner at my favorite arts and crafts store a few days before my fair and said to myself, just keep it simple and professional, get stickers! Quick easy done, says my mind to myself in the store with about 5 NEW products in my shopping cart (yes for the fair in 3 days).

Once I got home I hated how plain and "simple" it looked. It didn't  represent us, doesn't represent what we do, if anything its the opposite of what we stand for. Still trying to save time and overwhelmed with all the unfinished products, I said okay I'll just trace the stickers and figure something out.

Then the creative juices started flowing...

Then the decision became do I make "queen" all black or white with a black outline? Sometimes when something seems too simple, I overthink it..

Then I remember, keep it simple silly! But what is a Queen without her crown?!


Although I felt guilty at first about tracing the stickers and not sketching a design and free handing it, I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. Of course I put my own spin on it by tilting the letters of "kraft" but needless to say, this sign is definitely a keeper! 

All in all the fair was a wonderful time for Kraft Queen to display our products in a manner which the consumer can actually pick them up and see them. With most of our products the pictures online just do not do them justice, so it was a great way for us to connect with our customers and let them know exactly what kind of quality they'll be receiving when they order online. 

Sorry for the poor lighting of the photo, the fair got busy before I could finish setting up and the sun was blocked by a building, but it is a complete display of our Halloween and Thanksgiving Collection as well as a few "Tiffany nursery" themed special orders!


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