Tiffany & Co Baby Shower

My friend is a young mom who had never been to a baby shower and was hesitant of having her own. I insisted that she let me help throw her a shower and walk her through it every step of the way. First things first, we needed a theme. She was having a girl but was not a fan of anything pink (which is actually very common). I immediately suggested a Tiffany & Co theme, because well lets face it, I'm obsessed with it. Everything about it, from the tiffany blue color itself, the boxes with white ribbon to the pearls and diamonds, to the fact that you can so easily incorporate tutus (again, another obsession of mine)! She immediately agreed so the planning began…

Of course besides the venue and the date of the event, we needed a guest list and to send out invitations ASAP so I began designing.  Browsing Pinterest (my ULTIMATE obsession), I found an amazing template that was perfect to add their information to and get these in the mail stat! I also suggested we do a “Bring A Book Baby Shower”, which is a common new trend where new moms ask their guests to politely bring a book instead of a card (considering they cost about the same), since a book will last forever and be apart of the baby’s bedtime routine, and a card may not even last until the baby arrives. 

I took some nursery rhyme ideas off Pinterest and downloaded some fonts and made a ‘bring a book poem’ for the back of the invitation. I then made some ‘inserts’ with where she was registered and a chance to win a prize in a diaper raffle. We also planned a few games, "Late Night Diapers, where guests write a cute message on diapers, and a baby prediction games, also designed custom for this theme! 

Front of invitations      

After figuring out the food and the non-creative but necessary steps on our to-do list, the real fun began. DECORATIONS! We were on a tight budget and wanted to be able to get as much use out of the decorations as possible and since she loved the theme so much she decided to do a Tiffany themed nursery so the lightbulbs started going off.

Diaper cakes and alternative diaper cakes EVERYWHERE! As you'll see in the baby shower photos below with all of our decorations, we have a diaper cake, wreath, two bouquets and a bassinet.


We used the Diaper Bassinet to hold the books! On the table near the entrance we kept the bassinet on the gift table with a sign saying ‘books’. The sturdiness of the cardboard platform and the shoe boxes was perfect to hold the weight of the books! This is a game changer! No more broken gift bag handles! 


I also created a table tutu that can transform into a CRIB TUTU (because what newborn wants a plain old crib, haha). For this I kept the strands thin and ready to be cut (again she wanted to get as much use as possible out of decorations) tied on a ribbon so she could easily tie it to the crib, even weaving it into poles at the corners! 


For the tables, we just fell in love with a simple replication of the Tiffany Box with ribbon and pearls, stuffed with crinkle confetti and a tulle string to hold balloons!

*REGRET* we originally planned on doing pearl balloons with a thin layer of teal tulle, and maybe some dipped in teal glitter, but our plan fell through the cracks. We used pearl balloons and teal balloons attached to streamers. 


A diamond card stock paper banner with her name “Jahaira & Co” (she was named after her grandfather, Jairo) on it along with an oversized letter J covered in tulle and finished with a tissue paper flower and some hanging pearls.


For Mom, I made a “Do Not Open ’Til Due Date” ribbon to tie around her bump and make her feel extra special at the shower, as well as a “Mommy To Be” tutu for her chair as she opens gifts and all the attention is on her (for the last time ever)!



For the Desert table I made a cupcake tower with three tiers, with the top being for a small cake. I added a tutu to the bottom because, why not. We even got creative with our baking! We made vanilla cupcakes with Tiffany blue frosting (ordered the food color from with an open rose piping tip and white edible pearls. We even frosted the cake with tiffany blue roses and it was beyond perfect on the cupcake stand! I couldn't have imagined it better in my head if I tried! 

All in all the baby shower was a total success and mom and baby are now set for the first few months of her precious little life, (until she pees and poops her way through 500 diapers)!

Next baby shower you attend or plan CONTACT ME! Even if you’re a crafter and want to DIY follow me on Pinterest, message me your theme and I’ll fill your inbox with tons of ideas to pin and create TOTALLY FREE! Love to help creative minds bring their ideas to life! And of course I’m always here to create something you think may be too much of a challenge or just simply don't have time to complete. Custom creations are my FAVORITE! Happy crafting!

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