About Us

          As long as I can remember, I've always had a passion for envisioning something in my mind and bringing it to life. Growing up with such a unique name like Darnae, I never had the privledge of finding keychains, pens, ornaments, or ANYTHING with my name on it! As a child I was inspired to create different ways to display my name and personalize my most cherished possessions.

          Seemed like all my family and friends were having babies, most with unique names and/or spellings. I felt an immediate desire to create something custom and personalized for their unborn child that they would never find in a store, but absolutely purchase if they did. After multiple christmas, birthday and baby shower gifts my family started making requests. I found myself expanding out of my comfort zone and learning I was capable of creating much more than I realized. I was captivated in creating something no one would believe was handmade (or at least that I made it).

          I assure each product is hand crafted (by myself) with the utmost amount of time, effort and creative insight. I will not set a project aside until I feel that it lives up to both mine and the consumers expectation. It is my obligation to let your desire inspire me, and I refuse to ship something until it meets our standards.

          Please keep in mind that every product is unique and personalized to fit your desires, no two items will ever be the same and product completion times may vary. Please provide an email address and best method of contact information for communication regarded your purchase.

Thanks for your inspiration!