Crystal & Pearl Floating Mobile

  • This adorable mobile is the perfect nursery decor to hang over a crib, rocking chair, changing table or anywhere it fits best!
  • Made of clear stretch wire, crystal beads, tiffany blue and white pearls hanging from a wire wreath frame wrapped in aqua and white tulle
  • This mobile is sure to engage your little ones interest as they gaze into the floating crystal beads
  • This mobile hangs perfectly from a ceiling hook but with high ceilings you may want to hang it from a drop string, ribbon or even fishing wire to keep the floating look!
  • Shipping this item is tricky! Each strand of beads will be wrapped around the wire wreath frame and will require patience and caution when unraveling!
  • Some end beads may be fastened in between the wire wreath frame but will pop out easily, there are four strands in each of the 6 sections of the frame, one on each ring. Tulle may be tucked into wreath after unwrapping beads if it comes loose.
Custom orders are available! Change the color, add flowers, lace, bow etc to the frame.. Also available with cut out paper instead of beads (perfect for boys nursery) from butterflies to elephants, from stars to sports balls.. we can make a floating mobile to fit any theme! Email to design one today!

    $ 75.00

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